The world’s deadliest border

How the EU kills refugees seeking a better life

YouTube channel Second Thought has posted a video about Frontex, the EU’s border enforcement agency, highlighting how this organization has turned the Mediterranean specifically into the world’s deadliest border.

Josho Brouwers

The YouTube channel Second Thought, which I subscribe to, recently released a video on Frontex, the border patrol organization created by the European Union. Second Thought usually posts well-made YouTube videos that cut to the heart of American issues, so seeing a video that deals with a European subject was a welcome sight.

If you’re not familiar with Second Thought, they provide essentially socialist commentary on the state of the world, highlighting the ways in which capitalist forces use structural violence to enrich a small number of people at the expense of the larger populace. In this particular video, a point is made that capitalists flourish when poor workers can be pitted against each other. Culture wars benefit the rich and powerful, since they distract the poor from how they are exploited by the rich.

The attitude that the European Union has towards refugees from (Southwest) Asia and Africa stands in stark contrast to how it has been treating refugees from Ukraine. This shouldn’t come as a surprise: journalists on TV and Twitter have no qualms about being openly racist: the Ukrainians are, after all, “white” and “Christian” and “European” (whatever that means). Within Ukraine, the war has also exposed deep-seated racism. Clearly, some human lives are worth more than others.

In any event, this video is well worth a watch. Be sure to also check out the description beneath the video for links for further reading. And remember: no war but the class war. Anything else serves only to distract us from the goal of making the world a better place for everyone, not just the rich.