Our favourite sci-fi thing

For this very first episode of Pod Bay One, we each decide to talk about our favourite science-fiction thing. Cue a discussion of books, movies, and television shows.

In this first episode, we each talk about our favourite sci-fi thing. Josh’s favourite sci-fi thing is the Mel Brooks movie Spaceballs (1987), explaining why he thinks the movie works and why a lot of people might bounce of it today. Josho cheats and picks all of (old) Star Trek as his favourite thing, especially the idea of approaching the unknown with an open mind. Matt’s favourite thing is the Centenal Cycle by Malka Holder, which consists of three books: Infomocracy (2016), Null States (2017), and State Tectonics (2018).

And yes, for this podcast we use a piece of music courtesy of Audionautix to open the discussion. We used this piece of music for every episode, except for the second one for some reason, which has no music. For whatever reason, I never did add music to the Ancient World Magazine podcast.